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Jimmy Jane Form 1

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Jimmy Jane Form 1, this truly brilliant vibrator has some fantastic features:

  • Bluetooth ‘FLIRT’ wireless remote controls the vibrator from up to 10 metres away
  • Slim profile remote control knicker vibrator for discreet pleasure on-the-go
  • Flexible vibrator bends to fit your body for optimal contact
  • Ultra-powerful and silent motor with 10 functions and 5 intensity levels
  • ‘Stay-In-Place’ panty sleeve keeps your Form 1 in prime position
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Keep your lover close and the erotic sensations they give you even closer. Introducing the Jimmyjane Form 1 Remote Controlled knicker vibrator – a luxurious and powerful remote controlled vibrator which sits perfectly in your panties for discrete pleasure. The Form 1 is the world’s slimmest yet most powerful wearable vibrator. With itsStay-in-PlacePanty Sleeve and Bluetooth-enabled remote control, the Form 1 packs a plethora of pleasure into a compact design. The discrete shape curves for your comfort and bends to match your movements for continuous contact while the stay in place panty sleeve helps hold it firmly in prime position. You’ll thrill at the chance to add excitement to long carrides, date nights, or for the especially courageous -business meetings or trips to the in-laws.Witha flexible, curved design that is soslim and quiet, noone will know you’re wearing it (except the person holding the remote.)

Use the Form 1 alone or with a friend. With the FLIRT Bluetooth-enabled wireless hand held remote your partner can discreetly choose from 10 different functions such as oscillate, thrum, ripple and more each with five different intensity levels. That’s fifty different settings to choose from! Now your partner is in full control of your intimate pleasure as they effortlessly cycle through the settings from up to 10 metres away. The intuitive LED display allows your partner to know which vibration pattern they’re using and at what intensity level.

The Jimmyjane Form 1 is made from body safe silicone materials so it is hypo-allergenic and non- toxic for peace of mind. This luxurious remote control knicker vibrator is completely waterproof so you can enjoy your long distance fun in the bath, shower or hot tub. Your Form 1 will provide you with up to 90 minutes of pleasure on a single charge. Speaking of charging, the Jimmyjane Form 1 comes with its own 3 foot long magnetic USB charger cable so you can keep the power topped up when needed.


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